Why is Barolo wine so expensive?

Barolo is expensive because of supply and demand. And, of course, because it’s so damned good.

  1. Barolo is made from the nebbiolo grape that had been grown in the Barolo region. This region is high above the fog that is often found in the region, making grapes that are more concentrated than elsewhere. It means that the yield is low and the alcohol potential is high.
  2. To have the right to call your wine barolo you also must have at minimum 38 month of aging from which AT LEAST 18 month must be in oak. For Barolo riserva it is even stricter, with 62 month of aging and 18 on oak.
  3. Barolo is a very delicious wine. If you were to compare barolo with a person it would be a shy woman; when you approach it you are greeted with delicate floral smells with red fruits, light sometimes even herbaceous. Then you taste it, ample and harsh tanins shows up and you understand the personality of this wine. It takes time and patience to approach it but when you do, it becomes highly addictive.