Barolo, the King of the country


The wine, produced and marketed already by the ancient Romans, brought back into vogue by Carlo Alberto in the Royal estate of Pollenzo also thanks to the experiments conducted on the Grinzane estate by Count Camillo Benso di Cavour, soon became an important reference point in the economy of Langa and Roero.

A productive territory

The vine

From 100% Nebbiolo grapes comes Barolo, a garnet red wine that conquers every palate.

This grape variety has been cultivated in the Barolo area since time immemorial, but it is thanks to the obstinacy of Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour and Giulia Colbert Falletti, the last Marquise of Barolo, who began to produce, in the mid-nineteenth century an exceptionally rich and harmonious, destined to become the ambassador of Piedmont of Savoy in the courts of all Europe.


To make Barolo important was and is its structure that expresses a complex and enveloping bouquet, capable of developing over time without losing its organoleptic characteristics

The meditation wine

A great
red wine

Barolo is the right pairing with dishes such as roasted red meat, braised meats, game, game, truffled foods, hard and aged cheeses. Like all great red wines, it can also be classified as a meditation wine.

It is an essential ingredient of Brasato al Barolo, a typical recipe of Piedmontese cuisine.

The dishes par excellence

The pairings

The best dishes to pair with Barolo are particularly elaborate meat and game dishes. Truffle-based dishes are also excellent. Barolo also enhances the flavors of aged cheeses and combines nicely with dry pastries.


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