Luxury Hotel in a Submarine

The luxury travel agency Oliver’s Travels is proud to present the Lovers Deep Submarine, a 5-star hotel inside a submarine. Located off the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island, Lovers Deep

In the hotel world, especially relative to big cities, day use hotels are becoming more and more frequent, also used by big company managers and scholars, who are in the capital

Langhe: attracts more and more tourists

Langhe: attract more and more tourists. We can not speak of Piedmontese wines without thinking about Nebbiolo, Barolo, the DOCG and great internationally recognized red wine, in Barbaresco and Langhe,

Langhe, beautiful landscapes

White truffles from Alba and red wine from Barolo are not usually part of the traveler’s diet. After all, a bottle of wine can each easily cost over $100. But what

5 duties for an hotel manager

Successful managers know how to prioritize things and avoid undesirable situations with short and long-term goal plans. The list of hospitality management duties can be lengthy indeed. But, prioritizing is

The perfect wine glass: 6 tips for matching glass to grape

The profile of your stemware can have a big impact on the taste of what’s inside. A panel of experts reveals the best vessels for everything from bubbles to Barolo:

How to pick the perfect hotel in Italy

With the plethora of hotels (not to mention B&Bs, apartments, and hostels!) in Italy, the process of booking your bed for the night can be more overwhelming than deciding which

Collisioni, Langhe’s most famous festival

From the idea of a group of boys, in 2009 begins this festival that quickly becomes a point of reference in the Italian cultural and musical scene.

What To Know About Visiting Barolo

Ah, Piedmont. A magical wine land that I now call home. My journey here began quite by chance during my wine studies in the States. I’d grown enamored with Italian

Why is Barolo wine so expensive?

Barolo is expensive because of supply and demand. And, of course, because it’s so damned good.