Luxury Hotel in a Submarine

The luxury travel agency Oliver’s Travels is proud to present the Lovers Deep Submarine, a 5-star hotel inside a submarine. Located off the coast of a beautiful Caribbean island, Lovers Deep is the most exclusive and luxurious property that Oliver’s Travels can offer right now.

Breathtaking views of the marine world will take your breath away for those lucky enough to book a dream vacation on this special submarine.

The Lovers Deep submarine was born as a response to the Mile High Club, the most exclusive club on the planet for the lovers of high altitude love. Ideal for those who wants to experience a romantic experience in the depths of the ocean, the luxury submarine has a minimum length of 40 meters and can reach a maximum depth of 200 meters.

Couples who decide to book a holiday in this very special hotel can enjoy modern and technological soundproofed suites for two people and many other amenities, served by a crew consisting of a captain, a chef and a waiter. Guests can choose from which Caribbean port to leave, and can also take advantage of ancillary services such as helicopter transfers with landing on the beach, or simply an oyster and champagne bed breakfast.

With a minimum stay of two nights and a rate ranging from £ 175,000 per couple per night, the holiday will be characterized by style, comfort and above all breathtaking views.

 sources: NotizieDiLusso