Langhe: attracts more and more tourists

Langhe: attract more and more tourists. We can not speak of Piedmontese wines without thinking about Nebbiolo, Barolo, the DOCG and great internationally recognized red wine, in Barbaresco and Langhe, homeland of Barolo himself and together with Roero and Monferrato, that have recently been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and recognized as part of the artistic and environmental heritage of humanity.

For these reasons our territory is visited by thousands of tourists every year from all over the world. We produce and export the finest and most appreciated wines. Our landscapes fascinate the tourists who visit our lands and we offer them wonderful hotels where to stay.

We reside in the green of the Langhe vineyards and we offer tours in the largest cellars to make you enjoy the unique tastes of our wines. Around us, in addition to wineries, there are many places to visit.

Alba is certainly the most evocative village in the Langhe. City known for the homonymous white truffle. It has a medieval circular shape with towers and fortified houses. Do not forget, then, the religious buildings such as the imposing Cathedral and the Church of San Domenico, of Gothic imprint.

Castello Falletti, also known as Castello Comunale di Barolo, is located in the center of the homonymous village. Go up to the top and enjoy an unmistakable and impressive panorama. Since 2010 it has hosted the WiMu, the “Wine Museum” with an innovative imprint, and the cellars of the castle host the Barolo Regional Wine Bar where you can taste the finest bottles.

Cocconato is a village in the province of Asti. The town is surrounded by magnificent hills and woods and is famous for the view towards the Alps that offers its visitors. It is called “La Riviera del Monferrato” for its incredible Mediterranean microclimate.

Cherasco has a chessboard plan, typical of Roman cities. Stone streets intersect at right angles, designing space for medieval palaces. Do not miss the Museum at Palazzo Salmatoris, which hosts important exhibitions on a regular basis. In the past, works by Picasso, De Chirico and Ligabue have been exhibited here.

Do not wait and come and see us, you will be welcome!