The Langhe del Barolo villages

The area of ​​origin of the grapes used to produce the Barolo controlled and guaranteed designation of origin, whose first delimitation dates back to 31 August 1933.

Includes the territories of the municipalities of Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Serralunga d'Alba and part of the territories of the municipalities of La Morra and Monforte d'Alba.

I ❤ Barolo

The Langhe villages
The Langhe villages
The Langhe villages
The Langhe villages
The Langhe villages

Why is Barolo so special?

Why King of wines?

At first glance the answer is simple: it’s because of the terroir. The Nebbiolo has found it in the 11 towns of the Langhe in which it is produced, just on the south of Alba, where the soil and climate conditions are unique. A wine for the nobles.

Art and discipline

The Barolo is a red wine produced with pure Nebbiolo grapes, and it should be aged for at least 3 years, of which 18 months in a barrel. With a 5-years aging it becomes a “Barolo Riserva”. The most used clones are the Nebbiolo Lampia, Michet and Rosè.

Unique sensory characteristics

The nectar of the gods

You will recognise this great wine thanks to its ruby, transparent colour, which slightly turns to orange when the number of years increases. Only the best Pinot Noir can show such a limpid transparency.

The other unmistakable carachteristic is the heavenly bouquet, full of small red fruits like raspberries and black currant, cherries under spirits, dry flowers, lac, spices, green pepper, anise, walnut and licorice, but especially the connection with the territory makes the Barolo wine unique.


You will recognise a variety of flavours related to the Langhe, and their territory: hazelnuts, leaves and the truffle: it is not a coincidence if the Barolo is the wine preferred by the noble Tuber Magnum!

To your palate it is tasteful and moderate, do not expect some fruit bombs or particularly sour wines, but rather an earthy flavour.

A privileged territory

Big hills
Few hills offer the variety of soils and such clear and drastic styles, even if they are few kilometers distant. The Barolo wine has different natures depending on the town in which it is tasted. Monforte d’Alba is renowed for its precise and mellow wines; Castiglione Falletto for the greatness of its tannins, Serralunga for its rigour, La Morra distinguishes itself fot its elegance and, obviously, its town Barolo.
Land and production
This is clearly a concise division, there are lots of exceptions, like the different stylistic interpretations. Here are some villages where it is possible to produce the Barolo wine, and it would be a good thing for a person enthusiast for the great wines, having these names tattooed on his arm: Barolo, Castiglione Falletto, Cherasco, Diano d’Alba, Grinzane Cavour, La Morra, Monforte d’Alba, Novello, Serralunga d’Alba e Verduno

Style and taste


The Barolo wine can not be drunk when it is young, if the year on the market immediately turns out to be likable and rich, it means it has been a very hot year, so that wine will not be good for a ten-year aging.

The 'king of the wines' does not stand for compromises. The long aging, in barrel first and then in bottle, is the way to reach the excellence: the development of those tertiary scent, so polished and strong-smelling, which carachterize the Barolo’s ripeness.

Technical notes

Great polifenolic charge has always imposed a very long aging in big barrels in order to develop his whole potential, but nowadays is known the break up of the modernists, who started producing the Barolo’s wine reducing the maceration time and introducing the “in barrique” aging.

A high number of producers rightly complained about the difficulty of a painstaking process, in a distant and often undefined future, to such complex produce wines, however during the process there is the risk to give up something. You just need to experiment, uncorck, uncorck and tell us which your favourite bottles are.

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