Hotels and stars: a classification

The classification of hotels is one of the most controversial topics in the world of tourism with different criteria from country to country: here is the updated picture of the situation in Italy.

You have booked your hotel in Rome, thinking you have found a good accommodation for your Roman vacation, but once you arrive on the spot you go to a scorching disappointment because the hotel is below your expectations? To avoid this kind of unpleasant surprises it would be good to understand how the classification criteria that attribute stars to a receptive structure work.

A 2001 law entrusted the choice of hotel classification criteria to each region. Greater national harmonization was possible with the 2009 decree that established the minimum standards of services and equipment, valid throughout the national territory for the classification of hotels. However, we must remind that these standards are valid and apply only to new or refurbished hotels.

The basic characteristics for the attribution of each star are:

– 1 star: reception 12 hours a day, room cleaning once a day, double room’s minimum size is 14 square meters, bed linen change once a week;

– 2 stars: in addition to the requirements of the previous category, 2-star hotels offer a lift and a change of linen twice a week;

– 3 stars: compared to 2 stars, 3-star hotels also provide bar service, knowledge of a foreign language by the reception (open for at least 16 hours), staff uniforms, internet service, private bathrooms in all rooms and daily cleaning of the same.

– 4 stars: daily cleaning with afternoon tidying up of the room, daily change of linen, washing and ironing service for customers’ linen, guaranteed parking for at least half of the rooms, double rooms of at least 15 square meters and bathroom at least 4 square meters big.

– 5 stars: 24-hour reception, knowledge of three foreign languages ​​by the staff, single rooms at least 9 square meters big, double rooms at least 16 square meters big and a bathroom of at least 5 square meters. 5-star hotels are usually the only ones offering satellite television in rooms and a 24-hour baggage transport service.