5 duties for an hotel manager

Successful managers know how to prioritize things and avoid undesirable situations with short and long-term goal plans. The list of hospitality management duties can be lengthy indeed. But, prioritizing is the key for hotel managers. Often, having a strong emphasis on the core hospitality manager duties gets the desired result.

Here is five important duties of a hotel manager to build a firm foundation for a hotel’s success.

1) Guest experience and customer relations

By the year *2020, customer experience will overshadow the pricings for product and services and will act as the key brand differentiator. Gartner predicts the year 2018 will be the one where more than 50 per cent of the firms will invest more to create innovative customer experiences. The hotel industry certainly needs a strong focus on paying close attention to customer experiences. Smart hotel managers know just the right combinations to keep their guests happy and turn them into repeat visitors.

2) Reputation management and branding

Online hotel reviews are gaining prominence over the recent years. The impact of reviews and the social media buzz that follows cannot be ignored.  A study shows websites that display genuine reviews get crawled more frequently. The most part of travelers place faith in the reviews of close families and friends. And, this is the reason why a seasoned hotel manager knows why one must prioritize online reputation management and branding over all tasks.

3) Be an excellent role model

Training and development of the hotel staff is yet another important duty of a hotel manager. Every manager is aware of the direct relationship between happy guests and content employees. A guest who feels their expectations are not being met will be quick to post a negative review online. Disrespectful or disinterested staff behavior is one of the major reasons to turn guests away. Hotel managers must be aware of the following duties to create happy experiences for all.

4) Revenue and budget management

Hotel managers must keep a constant watch on economic trends. A hotel manager needs to strategize around this complex subject to find success in the hospitality industry.

5) Focus on latest hotel technologies

Technology plays a key role in attracting guests and enhancing their stay at the hotel. As hotels strive for an authentic experience, hotel managers must be aware of the latest technologies. Around *64 per cent of hotel guests in the USA stated their preference inclined towards hotels who continued to invest in technology to create the perfect guest experience. For e.g. an updated property management system increases room reservations and cuts down time spent on manual updates.

credits: Hotelogix