Day use in Italy

In the hotel world, especially relative to big cities, day use hotels are becoming more and more frequent, also used by big company managers and scholars, who are in the capital for a few hours maybe to attend a convention or a meeting and they take the opportunity to rest in the rooms of the day use hotels.

Development of day use hotels. Initially this type of room rental was not very publicized. Thanks to some French hoteliers, the concept of day use hotel is developed, after which a real portal is created in which the accommodation facilities that offer this type of short stay are registered.

Today, the use of these hotels has become more and more important for businessmen who use them to rest on numerous journeys.

The function of the day use hotel is therefore to find a place where you can get to work in peace or relax while sleeping, before taking another flight.

Italian day use are becoming very popular in large cities, offices of large companies and near airports, as they are the perfect place for pilots and hostesses who can rest.

Another advantage of this new formula that has been widely used in recent times is that of having a room at a lower price, while for hoteliers there is the possibility of having customers even in low season.

Day use in Italy. In Italy, a site dedicated to day use hotels, DayBreakHotels, has been developed, offering the possibility to book rooms by taking advantage of the discounts offered by the platform, which can also be used through the app, which has been programmed for both iOS and Android. and that allows you to find the day use hotel closer to where you are.