Collisioni, Langhe’s most famous festival

From the idea of a group of boys, in 2009 begins this festival that quickly becomes a point of reference in the Italian cultural and musical scene.

Located, at first, in the Langa village of Novello, the music festival has gradually developed since its inauguration in 2012 and is now optimised as a winning format. Now, the festival is hosted by the town of Barolo, in the heart of the Langa, famed for its great Piedmontese red wines, and it comprises four days packed with concerts, events, meetings with movie directors, actors, musicians, historians and critics set against a panoramic backdrop that has no equal in the world.

The calendar varies from year to year, but the billboard of the events planned is able to satisfy every person’s palate, from rock fans to art lovers, ranging over a number of proposals, with previous highlights being the spectacular concert by Bob Dylan in 2012, Neil Young in 2014 (the only Italian date of his European tour), Mark Knopfler and Sting in 2015, Mika and Elton John in 2016, Robbie Williams in 2017 and this year some top class artists like Caparezza, Steve Tyler and Depeche Mode.

Collisioni is a popular festival, celebrating literature and music in the hills, but with one peculiarity: there are no tickets to enter (except for the main concerts, obviously) and there are no spectators. Instead, it exists as a community that chooses to live three days together, in the name of having fun and sharing ideas. It is a global village where nobody is excluded, and to which everyone can contribute to the making of the event.

During the year, Collisioni organizes meetings with important personalities in the art, culture, entertainment and music sector, known at a national and international level. The meetings take place in Alba and in the nearby villages of Langa, thus creating an increasingly interesting and engaging cultural journey that, in a nutshell, cannot be missed!

Credits: Strada del Barolo